RŠ 89.3 MHz

One of Europe's oldest and strongest independent and non-commercial urban radio stations. Forever young. LISTEN NOW!

Based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, established in 1969 by the Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana, the legendary Radio Študent (RŠ) is one of Europe's oldest and strongest non-commercial, alternative urban radio stations, attracting over 200 contributors to its high-quality non-commercial programming 24 hours per day. Radio Študent is broadcast on 89.3 MHz (500 W) UKV stereo, covering Ljubljana and its surroundings (500,000 potential listeners) and via internet stream since 6th of May 1998.
Since its beginnings RADIO STUDENT has been promoting tolerance, respect for the difference of opinion, freedom, truth, solidarity, multiculturalism etc. The promotion of the values mentioned above is carried out at two levels: at the educational one (not only on the level of education of listeners, but also on the one of authors) and at the practical one, as Radio Student acts as a mirror to the Slovene society, in which it can check to what extent it is ready to accept the widely proclaimed values in reality.

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