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FS #41: N'toko – Free Hugs


N'toko – Free Hugs (album Emirates; Unique, 2017)

Leftfield hiphop with the veteran maestro N'toko, off of his record Emirates, these are Free Hugs ...

Miha Blažič aka N’Toko is a rapper, producer, a journalist and activist, who hails from Novo Mesto, the urban centre of the southeast parts of Slovenia, but he has been living in the country’s capital Ljubljana for quite a few years now. He rose to prominence in Slovenian hip-hop through being a frontman of a experimental hip-hop collective Moveknowledgement and through the freestyling scene back when it was still really active. He continued his career by rapping in both English and Slovenian and went on to record 4 solo records and one in collaboration with the producer BeatMyth. In recent years he often collaborated with Blaž, another guest on today’s programme, with his most recent release being N’Toko’s album Emirates from 2017, released on Unique records from Germany.




Radio Študent, Slovenija, Žiga Pucelj/Radio Študent music board