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Radiomuse #05

Radiomuse #05

Radio Študent from Ljubljana, Slovenija presenting local music, artists and record labels. Our second show for Radiomuse showcases six local artists with six releases dating in the first half of 2019, playing beats music form Žiga Murko, the zappaesque modular orchestra Styröfoam, the avant black metal of VLAKNASTA and the modular synth driven electronics of Shekuza. We also interviewed the quirky theatrical DIY post punk duo balans and the psychedelic rock meets pineapple pop band persons from porlock.



The fifth edition of Radiomuse, the second from Radio Študent in Ljubljana, Slovenia, showcases six local artists with six releases dating in the first half of 2019, playing music form Žiga Murko, Styröfoam, VLAKNASTA, Shekuza, balans and persons from porlock, and we also interviewed the latter two acts.

Our first interview focus this time is the duo balans. Their sound can definitely not be described in short and to say it is unconventional is just the beginning. They combine lo-fi rock, kraut-rock, pop, psych and all sorts of bits and pieces from different genres, and their live-act is an experience to behold, the duo always prepares an interesting show, via interesting costumes and/or visuals and unique performances of their songs. This year they released their full length album a vam je jasno, of course with ŠOP Records.

We also conducted a second interview, this one with the sunny psychedelic rock band persons from porlock, a band that also released their debut record with ZARŠ records but in 2019 we’re already with their second record, a split album actually, with the Austrian band JIGSAW BEGGARS on also the Austrian label Post Office Records, the record’s title is Tomorrows Ration of Dreams

Then the first music played on the show comes from Žiga Murko, a Ljubljana based producer, originally from the seaside region of Slovenia, and who made himself prominent in the last decade with a strong presence in the beat making, jazz and avant-garde scenes. His beatmaking style includes heavy sampling, different effects and experimenting with his instrument - the trombone. He provided his self-released Lobster EP in June 2019.

Next on our playlist are Styröfoam, who released their debut record in May 2019. The records title is Isle Of Youth and this record really came later than expected, but can also sound that much sweeter as it reaches all expectations. Styröfoam are a modular orchestra big band that first came to the local public's awareness after being selected for the club tour - Club Marathon/Klubski maraton in 2017. So right then and there we decided Radio Študent also wants to release a Styröfoam record in the future …

Another segment of the show goes into a different, very seriuous headspace, spending some minutes with one of the best kept secrets from around here in Slovenia, with the solo, loner black metal project VLAKNASTA, the solo project of the radical free jazz saxophone player and multi-instrumentalist Marko Karlovčec. At the end of april 2019 VLAKNASTA released its seventh project, dedicated to the Argentinian martyr poet of jewish/ukranian roots - Alejandra Pizarnik. The title of the new record is Alejandra I.

The last but not least this time around is Shekuza - the moniker of Miha Šajina, a Ljubljana based producer, DJ and a sound designer who has been actively involved in the slovenian alternative music scene for more than 15 years. In may 2019, he released his debut album called De Sica, an eleven track exploration of the sounds of modular synthesizers, deeply interconnected with community, society, and politics. The album was released on the Kamizdat label, the netlabel also featured in the last episode of RadioMuse produced by Radio Študent.


Žiga Murko



persons from porlock




FULL PLAYLIST / ARTIST – SONG (Album Title/Release Title, Lable, Year):

01 Žiga Murko - Tuba Jam (EP Lobster; selfreleased, 2019)

02 Žiga Murko - Yusef (EP Lobster; selfreleased, 2019)

03 balans - a bomo skp padal (album a vam je jasno; ŠOP Records, 2019)

04 balans - in mene ni (album a vam je jasno; ŠOP Records, 2019)

05 Styröfoam - Sick Disk-O (album Isle of Youth; ZARŠ Records, 2019)

06 Styröfoam - Brimstone Apple (album Isle of Youth; ZARŠ Records, 2019)

07 persons from porlock - Carnal Error (split album Tomorrows Ration of Dreams; Post Office Records/Pumpkin Records, 2019)

08 VLAKNASTA - En un ejemplar de Les chants de Maldoror (album Alejandra I; Botanic Records, 2019)

09 Shekuza - De Sica (album De Sica; Kamizdat, 2019)


Radio Študent (, Slovenija

Prepared by Dušan Bulajić, Žiga Pucelj; sound mixing by Jure Anžiček; announced by Dušan Bulajić, Žiga Pucelj

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Žiga Murko, Styröfoam, VLAKNASTA, Shekuza, balans, persons from porlock