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Radio Campus France

Since 1996, Radio Campus France is a national non-profit radio broadcasting network gathering 29 community radios located in the largest French cities and University. As holders of FM radio frequencies, their common ground is that this is a local and student community medium. Editorial staffs are composed by students and radio professionals. Questions of citizenship are usually explored by ours editorial teams. We prioritise communication between sociocultural groups, the expression of different cultural trends and fight against exclusion. / live!

Radiomuse #24

Sunflowers, Queen of the Meadow, Mayflower Madam, Starving Woodchucks, Magic Magic Roses, Jordan Murawa

Radiomuse #20

Massilia Sound System, French 79, Velvetian Sky, Vertiqua, David Walters, Bongi, Fada Records, Alter K

Radiomuse #13

Highlife Recordings, The George Kaplan, The Chemist and Acivities 

Radiomuse #08

Adlibidom, Jokari, Vermeil Solarium, Jeffers Waldo, VGK