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Radiomuse #22


In our last show we tried hard to bring a final selection of music that we missed in the last months. This edition coincided with the release of new singles and albums by the bands She Loves Pablo, Moskau, ABOP and Mašinko, so this show is as fresh as it gets. She Loves Pablo are a hard rock band that has already become an underground classic while Maškino are punk favorites everywhere they play. ABOP brings techno music into a live act. Moskau on the other hand brings the spirit of John Coltrane, Tom Waits and similar artists to life. For the special feature, our last guest was Ivan Ščapec from the band Seine. Also featured on the show – Bebe Na Vole, blues/roots artist from Zagreb.


We listened to She Loves Pablo and their new single Houdini. Their new album called Death Threats from Future Self will bring them to their biggest club-gig to date. They mix hard rock, stoner, blues and other styles in a package full of energy.

Next we had Moskau, a dark, gloomy, blues rock band from Koprivnica and Zagreb. With their constant refrences to their heroes such as John Coltrane, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Velvet Underground they stirred up the alternative scene when they came out a few years back. Now with their third album they became a household name in Zagreb clubs

ABOP is an electronic techno act played live with a whole band and lightshow. They are provocative but also innovative with their approach to music. Their new album surely will be one of the top albums of 2020 on the Croatian alternative scene.

Mašinko is a punk band that brings a party to everyshow because they have such a big fanbase. Their lyrics tend to waver between completely hedonistic to proactive and highly political. Punk music in Croatia tends to be popular and listened but without any formal promotion and this band represents that.

Last but not least, we also listened to the blues roots artist Bebe Na Vole. His real name is Adam and he mostly performs by himself. His music was widely missed by the critics and public until 2017 when Adam made everyone listen. He also does music for theater and plays a lot of instruments.


SHE LOVES PABLO / Dostava Zvuka


SEINE/ Monlee records/ Vox Project



MAŠINKO/ Dostava Zvuka


She Loves Pablo – Houdini

Moskau – Piglet

Seine – Šilo

Seine – Nebo

ABOP – Mind Manifest

Bebe Na Vole – Free Me

MašinkoCmrok 2

RADIO (HYPERLINK) & COUNTRY: Radio Student (, Zagreb, Croatia

Read and hosted by Ivan Kolar

Produced by Ivan Vlašić and Vigor Vukotić

She Loves Pablo, Seine, Moskau, ABOP, Mašinko, Bebe Na Vole