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FS#20: Gran Bankrott - Bankrott


Gran Bankrott - Bankrott (Bankrott / Letzter Arbeitstag 7", Vinylograph, Numavi & Reich und Föhn, 2019) 

This track is on one of the last releases on Natascha Muhic Vinylograph records, released in 2019, and comes as a collaboration with the labels Numavi and Reich & Föhn. Vienna based artist Gran Bankrott is also part of the Vinylograph collective and a close collaborator and friend in the scene around Schönbrunnerstraße. The tracks on the 7" Vinyl are taken from Gran Bankrott's selftitled LP, released after a stream of around 50 singles, still under his former name Gram ("Bankrott", literally meaning "bankrupt", added for this release.)




Orange 94.0, Vienna/Austria, Bernhard Staudinger